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Amber Bone

American Workman

Autumn Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*


Barnboard Jig Burnt Cream Damascus <br/> *BRAND NEW*

Black G-10

Blue Bone

Blue Curly Maple <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Boy Scouts Of America

Bradford Cutlery Genuine Stag

Bradford Cutlery Goldenrod Bone

Brown Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Buffalo Horn Hunters

Burnt Oatmeal Carved Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Calypso Bone

Caramel Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Carbon Fiber

Carved Bone

Case 6.5 Bonestag <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Case Brothers

Case Classics

Case Collectors Club

Case For The Cure

Case Made In USA

Case XX Vault

Cayenne Bone

Chestnut Bone CV

Clover Bone

Coffin Jack

Commemoratives, Mint Sets & Gift Sets

Dark Molasses Bone

Dark Red Bone

Deep Canyon (Chestnut Bone & Natural Bone) <br/> *NATURAL BONE-BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Desk Knife

Ducks Unlimited

Elvis Presley

Exotic Black Aztec

Exotic Elephant Ivory <br/> *SPECIAL BUY*

Exotic Peacock Coral <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Exotic Turquoise (Smooth and Veined)

Father's Day

Ford Motor Company <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Genuine Mother-of-Pearl

Genuine Stag

Gray Bone

Hawkbill Pruner

Holiday & Special Events

Honeycomb Bone

Household Cutlery

Hunter Green Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*


Image XX Art Deco

Image XX Greek Key

Image XX Hexx

Image XX Kaleido-Scope

Image XX Palmette

Image XX Peace & Harmony

Image XX War (Gray and Antique Bone)


Jigged Buffalo Horn

Jigged Rosewood <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

John Deere

John Wayne

Johnny Cash

Kentucky Bluegrass Bone

Key Lime Bone


Kirinite Patriot <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Lanny's Clip

Lightweight Camo

Lightweight Pink Camo

Limited Edition XXIX Moss Green Bone

Limited Edition XXV Crimson Bone

Limited Edition XXVI Sea Green Bone

Limited Edition XXVII Watermelon Bone

Limited Edition XXVIII Marigold Bone

Limited Edition XXX Brick Red Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Limited XX Edition Series XXXI - Jade Bone <br/> * BRAND NEW FAMILY*


Magenta Bone

Mammoth Ivory <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Mediterranean Blue

Melon Tester

Mossy Oak <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Mother's Day

National Wild Turkey Federation

Navy Blue Bone

Ocean Blue Barnboard

Olive Green Bone

Orange Blaze Bone

Orange Peel Bone

Outdoor, Hunting & Presentation - Fixed Blade

Pacific Blue Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Persimmon Orange Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Petite Blue Lagoon Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Petite Sky Blue Bone

Pinched Bolster Burnt Stag

Pocket Worn (Bermuda Green, Caramel, Harvest Orange, Old Red)

Polka Dot

Presidential Dollar Sets

Purple Haze Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Raspberry Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Regal Stag

Religious Sayings

Root Beer Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Rough Black

Sawcut Antique Bone

Sawcut Gray Bone <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Second Cut (Antique Bone / Black Bone / Crimson Bone) <br/> CRIMSON BONE IS A *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Silver Script Goldenrod Bone

Silver Script Hunter Green

Silver Script Walnut Bone

Slanted & Fluted Genuine Stag

Slanted Bolster Dark Red Bone


Sloped Bolster Orange Bone

Smooth Chestnut Bone

Smooth Ebony Wood

Smooth Olive Bone 125th Anniversary <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Smooth Orange Synthetic <br/> *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

Sparxx (White or Grey)

Sportsman Series

Stag Damascus

Stag Rancher CV

Standard Knife Company

Tan Lightweight Caliber

Tested Red Barnboard

Tony Bose

TrapperLock With Clip

United States Marine Corps  *BRAND NEW FAMILY*

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville

Vintage Patterns

Vintage Stag

Western Kentucky University

Wharncliffe Trapper

Winterbottom Ginger Ale Bone

Winterbottom Sunset Bone

Worked Bolster (Burnt, Red and Second Cut Stag) <br/> *SECOND CUT STAG-BRAND NEW FAMILY*


XX Prime Stag


ZIPPO Lighters

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